Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One Last Trip Home

On our last short trip to my parents house, we planned to help Jared out a little on their new house renovations. First up on the list, tear up the carpet! Chad helped Jared out in getting the carpet and tile up and then cleaning the mess. Sometimes I think cleaning the mess is worse then the actual demolition!

Meanwhile, the girls took a little trip to the grocery store to get gifts, cards and supplies for a birthday cake! I loved the little kid size grocery carts for Victoria! PRECIOUS!

Present time!!!

Wait, how did those get in there?? Oh...those are Victoria's!! WhOOpS!!! :)

That's more like it...a bug zapper, a lighter and batteries. LOL!

We headed over to JA's house one last time to help out on little odd and end jobs that needed to be done. Dad and Victoria worked on the windows. He taught her exactly what to do.

And she is a quick learner!..

Victoria wanted to head back home with us...And I don't think Tye would have minded too much if she would have been able to. He would have appreciated the extra company in the back seat.

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