Sunday, January 8, 2012

Visiting MeMaw for Thanksgiving

We headed on down to Carthage to see my grandmother for Thanksgiving. It was a short visit but it was so nice to see her, my aunt/uncle, Sarah and her kiddos! Jared & Angela were both working and Victoria was sick. So, my mom stayed at the house with Victoria while we went ahead without them. We spent the day relaxing around the house catching up and snacking on some beans & sausage. Yumm-o! I grabbed a group shot of us before we left.

And Pam had the ah~MA~zing idea to get MeMaw in on one of our silly pics! So...we did. :) Marissa and Keith Warren squeezed into this one too...LOVE those kids!!

When we got home, Victoria was so excited to see all of us. So all the ladies (dogs included) squished up on the couch for some snuggles!

C & K's Christmas Card Photos

Before Thanksgiving, Kristen asked if I would mind taking some pictures of her and Clint (and Daisy!) so that they could use them on their Christmas card. Of course I didn't mind!...and so on Thanksgiving break, we set out toward the lake and took some pictures of the 3 of them. They are so easy to photograph and it was short and sweet! These were my faves...enjoy!

JA & V Come to Town!

Jared, Angela & Victoria came to town for a quick trip in November. They came down to visit her brother and swung by our house to sleep and visit. It was a very short visit, and I did not envy them making their drive in such a short time, but I was soooo glad they were able to come and we made the most of every little minute we had! :) They got to our house late Friday night and of course the boys had a good time playing with their new iPad 2 toys.

The next morning they woke up and went to see Angela's brother. When they got back, we headed to Old Navy because they were having a HUGE sale on all of their adult coats. They were all 75% off. We met Hillary and Martin up there and each of us got a coat, some of us got 2! :) *You can't beat $15 for a pea-coat. After we racked up with our great deals, we took them to a local Mexican food restaurant and the food was DE-lish! Then we headed off to go see Hub's office. Of course, everyone had to have a turn at drawing on the office table and the windows. Hubs has everything set up to be drawn all over and he loves it...So do his visitors!

After our trip to the office, we went and grabbed some ice cream and flavored waters. *YUM* We all headed back to the house so they could have a quick nap before making the trek back home. Even as a short visit, it was worth it! Come back soon, Mkay??

Redneck Race Weekend

The weekend of the races Hubs, me, Martin and Hillary headed down to Texas Motor Speedway. This year we left early Thursday to head down there and it was so worth it to not feel rushed the entire weekend. We relaxed and hung out all day Friday. Clint & Kristen got there Friday afternoon and then we headed on down to the racetrack for the truck race Friday night. The truck races are probably one of my favorite races just because there is a lot of excitement/bumps/wrecks and that makes it to be interesting and fun! We were all kind of rooting for Kyle Busch and that ended pretty quickly when took revenge and bumped another car to wreck them on a caution. He got kicked out of the race and the crowd loved it...booing him the entire way! It was sooooo cold that night and we were all bundled up trying to keep warm!

We met up with Rene, one of our other teacher friends who was at the races. We've been trying to meet up the last couple of times we've all been there and it hasn't worked out. I was glad we finally did, but we did not even get a picture! Next time!! :)

Saturday was another day for fun and hanging out before our race that afternoon. Martin brought his mini-bike and everyone had fun taking turns on that.

The girls!


We took one last group shot in front of the new RV before all the craziness began that night....

Oh and not to be forgotten, our 'silly shot'...

We did not go to the Sunday race and instead headed out that morning. We were really glad we did because that gave us time to get home and get things back in order before heading back to work on Monday. It was a really great weekend and we had a blast! The new RV was perfect for hanging out in and had just enough room for us all to squeeze in and have a spot to sleep. Can't wait until next race!...Or, the next trip! (*Hint*Hint* mom & dad)

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Saturday before Halloween we headed over to Hillary and Martin's house for some Halloween fun! I didn't really have a costumed planned yet so I ran to the stores in hopes to have some luck. I made it to KMart and they still had a little bit of a selection and they were on sale! I snagged up this 'flapper' costume to wear and it was perfect. I also grabbed this super scary mask for Chad! EEeeek!

Of course I grabbed a costume for Hill too so we could be twinkies! She was glad because she hadn't thought about her costume either. ;) Martin definitely won the prize for most creative and precise costume! He had been working on his costume for a while and got it just how he wanted it. I'd say it turned out pretty good!

Here's a sneak preview of some of the other costumes. There were more, but I just can't seem to find the pictures on my phone. :/ Here's Chris & Myriah and Buddy & Lindye in their costumes...

The next night was actual 'Halloween night' and we stayed home for our trick or treaters. Tye wore his new costume of the year...Tye the Shark! He really loved staying in and answering the door with us when the kids came.

He sat waiting most of the night by the door, you could tell someone was going to be walking up because he would get into his ready position...
It's a tough life helping hand out candy...;)

He was so funny with the trick or treaters. He loved the little kids and wanted them to pet him. But, the second he saw it was an older kid, he just turned around and went back in. haha!