Sunday, January 8, 2012

JA & V Come to Town!

Jared, Angela & Victoria came to town for a quick trip in November. They came down to visit her brother and swung by our house to sleep and visit. It was a very short visit, and I did not envy them making their drive in such a short time, but I was soooo glad they were able to come and we made the most of every little minute we had! :) They got to our house late Friday night and of course the boys had a good time playing with their new iPad 2 toys.

The next morning they woke up and went to see Angela's brother. When they got back, we headed to Old Navy because they were having a HUGE sale on all of their adult coats. They were all 75% off. We met Hillary and Martin up there and each of us got a coat, some of us got 2! :) *You can't beat $15 for a pea-coat. After we racked up with our great deals, we took them to a local Mexican food restaurant and the food was DE-lish! Then we headed off to go see Hub's office. Of course, everyone had to have a turn at drawing on the office table and the windows. Hubs has everything set up to be drawn all over and he loves it...So do his visitors!

After our trip to the office, we went and grabbed some ice cream and flavored waters. *YUM* We all headed back to the house so they could have a quick nap before making the trek back home. Even as a short visit, it was worth it! Come back soon, Mkay??