Sunday, January 8, 2012

Redneck Race Weekend

The weekend of the races Hubs, me, Martin and Hillary headed down to Texas Motor Speedway. This year we left early Thursday to head down there and it was so worth it to not feel rushed the entire weekend. We relaxed and hung out all day Friday. Clint & Kristen got there Friday afternoon and then we headed on down to the racetrack for the truck race Friday night. The truck races are probably one of my favorite races just because there is a lot of excitement/bumps/wrecks and that makes it to be interesting and fun! We were all kind of rooting for Kyle Busch and that ended pretty quickly when took revenge and bumped another car to wreck them on a caution. He got kicked out of the race and the crowd loved it...booing him the entire way! It was sooooo cold that night and we were all bundled up trying to keep warm!

We met up with Rene, one of our other teacher friends who was at the races. We've been trying to meet up the last couple of times we've all been there and it hasn't worked out. I was glad we finally did, but we did not even get a picture! Next time!! :)

Saturday was another day for fun and hanging out before our race that afternoon. Martin brought his mini-bike and everyone had fun taking turns on that.

The girls!


We took one last group shot in front of the new RV before all the craziness began that night....

Oh and not to be forgotten, our 'silly shot'...

We did not go to the Sunday race and instead headed out that morning. We were really glad we did because that gave us time to get home and get things back in order before heading back to work on Monday. It was a really great weekend and we had a blast! The new RV was perfect for hanging out in and had just enough room for us all to squeeze in and have a spot to sleep. Can't wait until next race!...Or, the next trip! (*Hint*Hint* mom & dad)

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