Monday, February 6, 2012

J&A going out

Jared and Angela had a Christmas Party they were planning to attend via Jared's work. We headed over to their house to help Angela get ready and pick up Victoria. I'm glad we showed up when we did because we tore through Angela's closet (full of some beautiful dresses!) and helped her decide on the perfect one for the event. We helped her with her hair and make-up. (In a mad dash to get them out the door in time!) She looked beautiful and we snapped a few photos before sending them on their way. It was like high school prom all over again. ;)

And I couldn't wait to spend some extra quality time with this doll-face...

A few more photos, and a lot of laughs later...out the door they were...

For real this time!!...heehee..

More Thanksgiving!

We headed over to Alisa's new apartment for a little Thanksgiving brunch. We had some good ole breakfast and some good ole visiting time. :) Chad's grandmommy Janice was there, and it was so much fun catching up with her. We've never seen her much because she lives kind of far away but she is a HOOT and always makes me laugh! I've always enjoyed being in her company. She recently had a stroke over Christmas break and her health has been diminishing. She is battling alzheimers/dimensia, and while her mind may be in and out of it's best state, her spirits are high. She is such a mess with all her sarcasm, love her to pieces!

Thanksgiving Fam Photos

After our Thanksgiving Dinner, the girls ran and fluffed up our hair (as much as possible) and makeup. We overdid a lot of it because it was so humid & damp outside and we knew our hair would go crazy the second we stepped outside. And sure enough, it did. We still managed to get some good shots though. ;) We wanted a new and updated family photo so we opted to head down to a side road by the lake. The fall landscape out there was a beautiful backdrop. We loved it.

We tried a few different 'silly' shots. You should see all of the out-takes from our attempt at a family jumping shot. With 8 adults and a 5 year old. It was not happening! Mad props to Chad and Clint in this picture though...

We took several pictures of each 'individual' family. And they all turned out so great!

Some of you may recognize this one...because we used it as our Christmas card photo this year!

Victoria had a little costume change and she was the cutest little thing running around in her tutu and neon colors!!


Ma and Pa posing up by the tree. So fun!

A few pics with the girls...Love this one below...

Then the guys...

Who can never take a serious picture. ;)

Thanksgiving Lunch!

Thanksgiving lunch was spent at my mom and dad's house. The food was DE-LI-CIOUS!! We all helped out in the kitchen and it turned out great.

My mom wanted us to do some kind of activity to show what we were thankful for and something visual for Victoria to remember. She put me and Victoria in charge, so we quickly whipped up this little guy below:

We went around and had everyone write what they were thankful on the back...'secretly' we could guess who wrote what. Well, obviously, someone didn't follow the directions so well since their writing is boldly on the front. No big! hahaha. He felt so bad, but we all loved getting a good laugh out of it. It was fun to go around and think about what we are all so very thankful for at the table. I think everyone's answers could be guessed and that was special.

After scarfing down our food, and feeling very stuffed. We ran out to take some family pictures in the freezing misty air, just before the cowboys game!! *More to come later!