Thursday, March 22, 2012

Catch Up...iPhone Style

These next few posts are just going to be mixed together in hopes that I can finally be caught up on this blog. :) Excuse the photos. I found them randomly on my iPhone so that's where most of these pictures came from. The quality is not the best. :)

While we were still visiting families for Christmas, here are a few other things that went on...
We met up with some of our best high school friends and ate lunch at McAlister's (YUM!)
I ate lunch at McDonald's with one of my fave's! And my mom and Angelica joined us so that wasn't too bad either. :) :)
I got to see my little niece all dressed up in her Christmas gift.
When we came home from Christmas with Chad's mom, Victoria LOVED the giant cards so we had to play a few games of Go Fish. :)
And the next day Victoria busted into my Starburst flavored Candy Canes and she was so excited!!!! She does not like the flavor peppermint so she is so sad that she doesn't like candy canes. So, finding this flavor of candy cane led to some funny videos of her asking Chad's mom if she would get her some too. hahaha!
Needless to say, she had a whole bag full when we went to dinner with our families that night...
(I don't know why I didn't get a picture with my family! Darn it!...Next time!!)
We played a lot of Wii Dancing games at my parents house. :) It was so much fun! **AND as MUCH as he tries to hide it, I want everyone to know that the excellent Spanish Singer in the background is my brother, Clint. :) heehee!
For Grandma and Grandpa too!!
Chad squeezed as much work in as he could. But, someone was usually needing his attention.
Uncle Clint built giant towers with Victoria.
New Year's Eve, everyone came over to my parents house. It was the first year we had New Year's at my parents house without Jared since I could remember. He had to work and we were all bummed out he wouldn't be there. :( Hopefully next year he will be off work! On top of that, I'm pretty sure that I deleted all of my New Year's Eve pictures from my camera and maybe some more. I was super bummed!!! So you are left with what I had still on my phone and some extras that I 'borrowed' from Lauren and Alisa off Facebook. Thanks ladies!!! :) :) :)
There's always a big fireworks show that Hubs is usually put in charge of. Glad he enjoys it so much!! :)
Boys will be boys....
I love this group!!!...
My 2 bestest friends from High School. :) Again, picture taken from Lauren. *She edited!! :)
Best friends since Kindergarten!!...
And a lot more of Wii Dance...
I wish I had the pictures from my camera. :( :( :(
On New Year's Day we headed over to Hubs' grandma's house for lunch. *After some New Year's Day shopping with Angela and Lauren! :)
Hubs busted out the helicopter that he got from Spencer & April for Christmas...
After lunch we sat around and played some games. We had so much fun!
We opened our gifts from Mark...
DeeDee loved the gift from Spencer & April!
I love these girls...
My school didn't have to go back until after Victoria's school because our Christmas break started after hers did. I was so excited about this because Hubs and I had a chance to go eat lunch with her. Being a teacher in a far away town, I didn't think I would ever be able to eat with her. So glad I did!!! Wish I had more opportunities for that. She was pretty distracted with her best friend, Carly. But it was still so fun to be there with her. :) Jared & Angela came too!
Visitors for lunch, Eating with your best friend, AND ice cream make for one distracted and excited little girl!...This was the best picture we got! hahahaha!