Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend!

First of all, thank you to all for your wonderful support and love for my last post.  It has become very easy and manageable but I hope my story can reach others who are new to Diabetes.  Recently Hubs and I traveled East to my parents for Thanksgiving.  My cousin's kids, Dylan and Blake were staying with them during the Holidays so as you could expect there was NEVER dull moment!  Those kids are a hoot!
Wednesday we headed out to Gander Mountain so my mom could have Dylan and Blake pick out their Christmas presents from her.  We hit up a few extra stores and then Kristen and I raided Ross for some great deals on some super cute shirts!  One of my best finds was scoring a pair of Miss Me jeans for $44.95!  I'll take it!! :) Once we got back home, I changed and got ready and then we headed over to Chad's mom's for a little Thanksgiving dinner.  We enjoyed smothered pork chops...they were delish!
Gotta have a silly shot!
Thursday morning we woke up and enjoyed a relaxed breakfast cooked by my dad.  Then, of course, once the newspaper arrived we started planning out our Black Friday adventure!  Black Friday is a fun little tradition with the ladies of my family.  We go a little crazy and stay out as late as possible and try to beat our record every year.  We share so many laughs and then become hilariously delirious by the end of it from our exhaustion.  To each their own for their opinion of Black Friday.  We love it.  And we try to bring bright smiles and spirits to each of the workers who are staying up late for us.  :)  After pouring over the ads we had our 'plan' in place.
Hubs and I got dressed and ready for Kristen to take some of our Christmas photos this year.  Here's a little sneak peak.
We came back inside and finished helping cook or lounged around while the boys watched the Cowboys.  Right before we ate we ran outside to snap a few family photos.  We do this every year and they are usually some of my favorite photos.
IMG_0859 IMG_0855
IMG_0851 IMG_0836
A new tradition we started a few years back was writing down what we are thankful for our 'turkey feathers'.  This is usually Victoria's job to get all organized.  She makes sure everyone writes down what they are thankful for, which is a chore in itself since we are spread out all over the house at different times. hahaha.  She did a great job hunting everyone down.  During lunch, we go around and read a random turkey feather and then we all guess who wrote what.  It's always fun and sweet to see what everyone is thankful for.
IMG_0902 IMG_0894
After lunch we usually sit around to simply enjoy each others company.  This year we squeezed in a few more photos since we raced to finish before lunch.  Our tummies were hungry!!
IMG_0959 IMG_0955
Then, the black Friday crew headed out pretty early this year.
Our big item we were hunting for was a new TV for Clint & Kristen.  Clint, Chad and Blake joined us for the early adventure but planned to go home after Target.  We got up to Target at 830pm on Thursday and the line was already so long!  We made it in the store by 905 after they opened and we quickly found all the things we were there for EXCEPT the TV.  Turns out that they handed out tickets towards the front of the line and they were all gone.  Well as Kristen and I were walking around once more to see if we missed anything, there were some people asking what the tickets were for.  They didn't even realized what they had grabbed!  Kristen quickly spoke up and asked them if they weren't needing them, that is what she was looking for and she would gladly take it.  After 2 guys asking if we would buy it from them (um, no thank you) the lady politely handed it over.  Yay!  What a fun surprise.
The boys headed home after that...and good thing too!  Kristen, Angela and I were trying to beat our record and we came close!
We headed out to Wal*Mart, Kohls, Macy's, Mall, JCPenny, Dillards, Ross and then headed home!  I had a hard time sleeping so I took a nap for about 20 minutes and was done.  When I woke up, my mom wanted to go to SAMs so Angela and I headed out to SAMs with her.  Whew!  What a day.  We were pooped!  Somehow, I still didn't go to bed until midnight that night.  haha!  When we woke up Saturday morning, I snapped a few photos for Clint & Kristen and their Christmas cards.  After a little 'first grade work' with my niece, Hubs & I headed out to meet my best friend from childhoods new baby girl, Elle!!  More pics to come!!! :) :)


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Thanks for documenting all the memories :))

  2. I enjoyed spending the day with you all!

  3. Man y'all were really shoppin' till you droppin'!! We (my mom, moo-maw, my poor dad, and I) didn't make it to as many stores as y'all but got some steals. We stood in line to get in Kohls as our first stop at midnight. Then headed over to target which was deserted. When I asked where all the shoppers where the worker looked at me like I was crazy since it was 2am and I had no idea that they had been open since 9 lol. Next we hit up a few stores at the outlets till JCP opened. Finally we headed home and I still haven't recovered!!! I think I'm getting old!

  4. That's still quite a lot Rebecca!! That's so fun! Love that moo-maw made it out with y'all even in the wee hours of the, morning?? haha! (and your dad!!!!) That's hilarious about Target. It was super crowded while we were there but definitely the most organized and fast moving line. They really did well! I think my body was in shock because I couldn't sleep. I will probably be recovering the rest of this week!!!! ;)