Sunday, December 2, 2012


Hubs and I had a pretty good weekend.  We went out Friday night with Hillary & Martin.  We ate dinner at Little Italy.  That place never lets us down.  *LOVE*  Then we headed over to Fat Boss's to check it out.  We laughed at our conversations.  The people behind us were cussing and carrying on while we tried to remember the lines to popular nursery rhymes and children's songs.    It was a good time!
Saturday, Hubs and I worked on the house.  I cleaned/did laundry while he finished up a job that I have been so excited about him finishing!!!!  Installing A Mantel!!!
IMG_1315 IMG_1316
My parents had several updates to there house recently (including a complete kitchen remodel...BEAUTIFUL!).  With those updates, they had a new mantel built for their fireplace.  Well, guess who the lucky ones were to get their old mantel??  We were!!!  It needed to be painted since it was a wood stain color and we wanted it to be white.  Also, it was about a foot too long for our fireplace so Hubs had to cut it down and glue it back together.  Here's where the seam is.  I'd say he did a nice job of finishing it out and hiding it!
Add in a little sanding, fresh coat of paint and voila!  We were in business.  Hubs did all the prep work to get the mantel ready to be hung during the week.  Saturday, it finally got hung.  I am so happy to have a mantel now!  Santa won't have to travel so far to get to our stockings this year.  ;)
We still have a few loose ends to finish as far as the decorating on the fireplace goes.  And we need to hide those cables from the TV.  But, I couldn't wait to share! :)