Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No Words

Today was a happy day at school.  Today was our party day.  I thought about all the things that made me smile today and as I reflected, I realized so many things that were related to school on that list.

1.  I wore my pajamas to school today.
2.  Class Christmas Party was a SUCCESS!

3.  Class Christmas Party is over. ;)

4.  Faculty Christmas party gave us time to talk, visit, joke, eat and LAUGH.

5.  Secret Santa reveal let me find out who was my awesome secret santa that left me all these cute notes this week.  :)
6.  When I came home, I was already ready for bed.  See #1.

7.  I have received some sweet and very THOUGHTFUL gifts from some of the best first graders in the WORLD.

8.  Thanks to Christmas Vacation, in 2 days I will be traveling to see my family.  :)

9.  I came home to this guy.
10.  I squeezed and hugged 22 little first graders today because as much as they can drive me crazy, I love them as if they were my own.  They make me smile.  They make me laugh.

As a teacher, school becomes more than a job, but a part of your life.  Like a job, there are going to be times that are stressful and times that are hard.  Like part of your life, you look at all the things that are so rewarding.  School becomes a part of you and those kids become your own kids.    I love that I know so many special and unique things about each of my first graders.  I love that I spend so much time with them every day.  I love that I work with them until they 'get it'.  I love that they make me smile, laugh and cry all at the same time.  I love that we teach them respect and honor in our classrooms and we see them play it out.  I love that school is a safe haven for our kids and we are going to fight our hardest to make that a priority. 

Our hearts are still heavy for those in Connecticut.  I can not begin to imagine what those teachers and students had to and are having to go through.  

*Still remembering those precious first graders and heroic teachers from Sandy Hook and their families.*