Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Birthday Weekend Recap

I think this is the last of my birthday posts.  Hehe.  It was a great one this year.  As most of you already know my parents surprised me by coming up to visit this weekend.  It was a total shocker and my mom caught it all on video!

This is hubs & I before heading out to dinner with Hillary & Martin.  A traditional 'birthday shot' for us.

They are some of my favorite people and I loved that Hubs & I got to share our time with them over the weekend.  They recently got a new jeep, so a lot of our time was spent cruising around in that.  I have to admit I had a little new car envy.  ;)
Hehe...a nice close-up of my dad! ;)
A package of goodies came in the mail from Clint & Kristen.  Fun! Fun!

Mom said this card really did remind her of me & Clint when we were little.  I think we have a picture pretty similar to it somewhere.
IMG_3588 IMG_3599
Hubs got to talking about how our tree in the front yard is dying.  (Booooo!)  And next thing ya know, he's climbing it.  What a nice looking monkey in that tree!
And some famous self-timer shots.  :)
IMG_3619 IMG_3621
I love how much my parents love Tye.  Seriously they could sit outside all day with him entertaining all his pleas to be pet, funny noises, and silly quirks yet still want to spend more time with him.  We had to include him in a shot!
IMG_3622 IMG_3623


  1. I'm glad you had such a fun birthday weekend! I love that you and your mom are representing ol' Tyler with the R&J shirts in your pics. I wear them all the time and it's like a little reminder of home! PS I love Tye, too. :)

  2. Thanks Lauren!! :) We definitely love our R&J shirts!! And the sweet reminder of home makes them that much better. ;) Tye is definitely a keeper...THANK YOU!! :)