Monday, January 21, 2013

JA & V Visit for my Birthday Weekend!

Jared, Angela and Victoria had planned to come visit MLK weekend to celebrate my birthday a little early.  :)  It could not have been a better weekend!  We had a BLAST.  Since it's a 5 hour trip they pulled Victoria out of school a little bit early and headed our way.  They made it about 7 and just in time for supper!  We had these beef sliders that I had found on pinterest and they were Delish!
We sat around for a little and chit chatted.  I think they were jet car lagged.  For my birthday, they brought me some ornaments that I had my eye on from Pier1 and Dillards.  Angela scored them during the after-clearance sales.  Among the ornaments were these giant gaudy birds that will be on my red tree next year.  I adore.  And we thought they'd be fun to wear around for a little bit.  ;)
It had gotten dark and we wanted to step out and see the stars.  We couldn't see too much because of the city lights so we drove out towards the lake to get a better view.  We didn't stay too long because it was FREEZING and we were all getting pretty tired.
We came back home and mapped out our day for Saturday.  Since Victoria is in school and Jared and Angela sometimes work the weekends, we made sure to cram in AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE since we know they won't be able to come back easily until maybe the summer.  #wishwewerecloser.
More posts to come...