Tuesday, January 22, 2013

JA & V Visit (Perini's)

Saturday morning we woke up and Hubs made a super breakfast.  We had Breakfast Burritos and I really wish I was eating that again and not cereal.  ;)  Angela and I headed out for an hour of what we do best...SHOPPING!!! hehe We made it to about 2 stores and then headed back to get ready for lunch.
She is definitely my partner in crime who is willing to dig and find steals of a deal like this these.
Untitled Untitled
Yep, that shirt was $4.97.  Score!  The scarf however was not on sale.  But it was precious and I loved it.  And even though hubs told me I needed no more scarves...he liked it too.  ;)
The night before, we had been trying to think of where we could go eat for my birthday dinner.  Something was mentioned about an amazing steakhouse that we've been to before (Perini's).  Hubs & I laughed as we remembered, "Oh yeah, the one where you stood on the armadillo, right?!"  Jared & Angela had NO CLUE what we were talking about even though we could have SWORN we had taken them there before.  Rewind for a second...you see, EVERY time hubs & I have taken friends or family out to Perini's we always laugh and tell the story of the time "Jared stood on the armadillo and we took a picture."  However, it appeared Jared & Angela had never ever been.  *WHOOPS*  We talked about the picture we took that we could have sworn was Jared standing on the armadillo...searched our photo libraries up and down...called my mom...and still never found "the picture".  But what we did find was...proof that Jared & Angela were right.  Mom was the only other person there and she took the picture.  No Jared.  No Angela.  No Jared standing on Armadillo.  haha.  And the photo that must have been Jared Chad standing on the Armadillo was no where to be found.
Jared never stood on this armadillo.  And they have never been.  We've been telling stories this whole time that weren't true.  Hahaha!  So we decided we needed to make it true.  We headed out to Perini's for lunch on Saturday (Dinner plans were a no go!  Since we called so late for reservations...they only had a table for 5 at 10pm...who eats then??  Lunch it was!).
Hubs was so proud that he had finally brought Jared to a place that he said had the "best steak he had ever eaten".  Especially since we had imagined we brought him here so many times before.  ;)  After we ate we walked around to look at all the things out back.
IMG_3098 IMG_3092
IMG_3109 IMG_3111

The one things Angela had her mind set on doing was seeing windmills when she came to visit us.  We asked if this would do.  hehe.
Then of course, we headed to the armadillo.
There were some people taking pictures on the Armadillo already so we had to wait.  
At Last...
AT LAST...we finally DID have a picture of Jared actually on this armadillo.  ;)  We had a good time creating some other photos too.
IMG_3140 IMG_3147 
Now: (Self-Timer at it's best. Ha!)
To Mr. Perini: We apologize for feeling a need to stand on your yard decorations.  As we just find the armadillo so cool.  Please forgive us.  :)