Thursday, January 24, 2013

JA & V Visit (Photo Shoot)

Everyone sets up the self-timer and has a little photo shoot consisting of MOSTLY silly shots, right?
IMG_3336 IMG_3337
IMG_3339 IMG_3340
Oh, just us you say?  Darn.  Here's a real one.
Maybe it was this that had us acting all crazy.  ;)
After we had our little silly shoot we headed out to a new small winery in town.  We had planned on going out for birthday dinner but were all still stuffed from perini's so we opted for appetizers or coming back home instead.  It was not very crowded at the wine bar and we felt comfortable bringing Victoria along so we hung around on the patio area for a little while before heading back.  It's such a cute little location!
We didn't stay out too long but once we got home we were completely swamped!  The girls went to change into jammies and get ready for bed and when we walked back out we found this.
Of course I had to challenge my brother to a battle.

He won.  Darn.

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