Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Santa at Grandma's!

I guess Santa knew how excited Victoria was about Christmas after leaving Mike and Jill's Christmas Eve and getting all worked up about 'Christmas' morning.  She fed the reindeer at Mike and Jill's and then came to grandma's and fed the reindeer there too!  She really wanted to make sure those reindeer were well fed and didn't go hungry after delivering all those presents!!  Oh and we couldn't forget Santa!  Victoria left out cookies and milk for Santa.
Remember Santa had already made his 'big' visit to her house to work around her dad's schedule.  She must have been one GOOD little girl!!  Santa brought stockings on Christmas morning to Grandma's house for Victoria.   Santa 2 times!
Wow!  Lucky girl!  He ended up bringing her some candy, activity books, a disney head lamp and her first very own TY beanie babies.  She asked Santa specifically with these after she's been playing with my old ones that have been left at my mom's house from when I used to 'collect' them.  She loves TY's!!
IMG_1749 IMG_1752

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