Saturday, January 26, 2013


For my birthday dinner Hubs & I had planned to go to dinner and The Winery in town.  I came home from school and was EX-HAUS-TED so I took a quick nap and drank a cup of coffee before getting ready to head on out.  The nap & coffee combo must have been exactly what I needed because I was HYYYYYYYPER when our besties Hillary & Martin picked us up for dinner.
I decided on a chinese food restaurant and it was definitely a good choice!  We enjoyed the food and then it was obviously time to go on to the next spot.  In all of my hyperness I did not even pick up on any of Hubs subtle clues about 'needing to leave' and 'we need to get there before they close' and 'come on can talk in the car'.  I was just chatting away and having a good ole time!
So we finally closed our tab and I closed my mouth ;) and we headed to The Winery.  Hillary & Martin hadn't been before so we were excited to bring them there.  Hubs did his usual "I'm going to go check the patio to see if there are any seats."  I let him go not thinking a thing while I sampled a few wines with Hillary.  Little did I know Hubs was going out to scope out where my MOM AND DAD'S HIDING SPOT WAS!!  They had planned a complete surprise and pulled it off without me even thinking twice about anything.
photo (3)
As we stepped outside to go to our table I noticed this couple crammed up in the corner to the side of the stairs and noticed she had her phone out taking a picture or something.  As I walked I noticed that the camera was following me and I got a little worried.  Then I thought, "THAT LADY LOOKS JUST LIKE MY MOM!"  My reaction was priceless and my mom got it all on camera!
It was such a great surprise and we laughed and laughed at how they pulled it all off.
photo (4)
Love those jokesters and was so happy to see them!! :)