Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Recap 2-24-13

Friday night Hubs & I participated in 'National Margarita Day' at home by the fire.
Saturday we went out with some of our besties...Hillary & Martin and Buddy & Lindye.  We enjoyed a yummy dinner at Abuelo's before heading out to celebrate Martin's dad's bday at the VFW.  This is the second year we've joined in on his bday celebration at the V-F-Dub and even though we are by far some of the youngest at the venue we always seem to enjoy ourselves and have a good time!  Who doesn't love a little cupid shuffle?  ;)  Love these ladies!...
Of course there was some shuffle-board involved!
And a nice & blurry photo of the Hubs & I!  

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Morning Coffee with Tye

Pet me...Pet me...Pet me...
Hey...wait a second...
Chad's not out here...
And that's just not right...
Do you know where he is?  Do ya?  Do ya?   I'm sniffing something fishy...
Wait!  Quiet!!!  I hear someone!...
He's here!!!!...And he's not going anywhere...Because I'm not gonna take my eyes off of this guy...
Except maybe to watch you, too...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sing Song 2013

Sing Song is a huge deal at ACU.  Hubs & I can both proudly say we both participated in some winning acts while at ACU.  But it is very hard to explain to anybody who has not seen or heard what Sing Song is all about.  You's just groups of college students...singing collections of songs...while they perform choreographed...hand motions...??  I'll spare you.  ;)  Just know that we love it and we love going back and watching even more.  It's fun to go back and take in the memories (good & bad) of our college days!  So we dolled up and got ready to head out to our dear ole' alma mater.
Untitled Untitled
Hands down this was one of the best shows we had been to.  All of the acts were incredible and the hosts & hostesses were so talented!  But my favorite act was definitely the Wizard of Oz senior act.  I love ALL THINGS WIZARD OF OZ so that was and easy pick for me.  :)
And to top off the night I got to see 2 of my favorite WINNING senior girls.  How cute are they?!
Untitled Untitled

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Type 1 Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day.
At school I always think it is so wonderful to watch the children share their love with each other.  They have the cutest and most thoughtful ways to show how they care for one another.  This cheesy little Hallmark holiday sure makes for a fun (and crazy) day at school!
At home Hubs had planned for us to do something simple together for that evening.  He put a lot of thought into it and it was so sweet.  I so appreciated all the thought he put into our night together!  We called in Olive Garden to go.  (Along with the rest of the town...hahaha!)
But we did not let our short wait go to waist...
And Hubs took me to a special spot to watch the sunset and enjoy some wine and sugar-free cheesecake.  It was simple and sweet and we enjoyed being together with no technology.  :)
In my Type 1 world, I appreciated Hubs making Valentine's super special this year because it was a little bit different and there were times that it was hard.
For the longest time we would always go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner knowing there would be at least an hour wait.  We would take the light up alarm beeper to the car with us to pass a little of the time with dessert first.  Hubs always treated us to dinner while I always grabbed the box of chocolates.  And then I would make sure to take a bite out of each of the chocolates just to sample each of them...which always made hubs laugh.
Candy, desserts and sweets have not phased me that much.  They're available to me if I want to give myself insulin for it and we always have a good stock on hand just in case I have a low blood sugar and I need to treat with sugar.  I try to save sweets for special occasions and then I will bolus for it.  I didn't really feel like a box of chocolates was quite bolus-worthy and after Valentine's Day it sort of crept up on me.  As is life...we all have hard days every now and then.  And not every day will be easy.  We were not promised that while we are here.  
I know Hubs put a lot of thought into this Valentine's Day before even knowing how I felt.  I'm so thankful for such a supportive partner in life.  Love him!  And, I still love Valentine's Day!  :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!


I love you for showing me unconditional love.
I love you for never leaving me alone.
I love you for driving me crazy.
love you for making me laugh.
love you for entertaining me.
love you for keeping life interesting.
love you for making me happy and making me mad.
love you for being in my life.
love you for being you.

I love you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Trees!

Hubs & I always have a list going on updates and things we would like to do to our house.  This past weekend we decided to work on planting some trees to give a little more shade and interest to the landscaping (and lack there of).  We've had some bad experience in the landscaping department.  
Main reason being: WATERING!!
Lack of sprinklers, and an interesting set up for water faucets poses a problem for us.  So as we were looking at trees I knew Bradford Pear trees would be in the running.  They are a favorite of mine.  But when we read that they were a low watering plant, once established, we were sold!  
We bought 2 and hubs planted them in the backyard.  I am excited to watch them grow!! :)
 IMG_3872 IMG_3881
Tye wondered, "What are y'all doing to my backyard?!"
But as long as he had a good pat on the head, he was okay with it.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mr. H Visits!

Chad's dad came into town this last weekend to visit.  He got in Friday night and we headed out to Abuelo's to eat.
We had a 45 minute wait so we sat and chit chatted for a while.  And by the time our food came out I think we scarfed it down in 5 minutes flat.  We were hungry!! ;)  We enjoyed some drinks with our dinner.

A margarita and a Beerita.  One is mine and one is hubs.  Can you guess whose is whose?

While we were talking at dinner, of course a 'new idea' came up.  (Hubs & his dad do this on the regular).  Mr. H was wondering if there was some app or website out there that you could put 2 things down and then ask your friends...this or that?  Hubs & I agreed that probably most people would just use facebook or instagram for that.  Well, when we got home, I was reading a couple of the blogs on my sidebar and Casey at The Wiegands had just posted about Voto.  I started reading about it and it was the exact idea Mr. H had mentioned.  We laughed about it and then put a couple of silly votes on there.  
It's a really neat app and we had a lot of fun with it.  I don't know if I will continue to use it regularly or not but I love the idea of it for my indecisive moments.  
Like which ornamental tree should hubs & I get?  What do you think?
Crab Apple? or Cherry Blossom?
Untitled Untitled
We are still trying to decide on a few other trees to plant in the backyard.  But, we did buy 2 Bradford Pear trees (one of my favorites!) and hubs already planted them.  He's a beast!  More on that later...but for now...
Silly Shots!  (The one on the right was totally Mr. H's idea.  Well done sir.  Well done.)
IMG_3791 IMG_3792

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 2-10-13

Scavenger Hunt Sunday! 5 New Categories. 5 New Pictures.

1.  The Small Things - Like needing water to survive.
(Also included this photo in Simple Things Sunday)
2.  Illustration - An illustration of what our 2 new trees will look like.  :)
3.  Valentine - My Valentine.  (Archived)
4.  Work of Art - My niece's many 'works of art' from each time she visits. 
5.  Window Beauty - (SOOC)