Saturday, February 2, 2013

Eleanor Thompson-The Story of Our Goddaughter.

Dear Elle,
      Words can not describe the love that Chad and I feel for you.  I have known your mommy since we were in the same class together in Kindergarten.  Much love to Mrs. Sheppard!  We were blessed with such an amazing friendship that has been on-going for about 23 years.  I remember sitting across from your mom, in kindergarten, and one of us yawned...which led the other to yawn...and then the other...and then the other...and it continued like this for what seemed like forever, making us laugh so hard!  When I met you Elle, your mom and I watched all your little movements and 'ooo-ed' and 'awww-ed' at all the little things you did, including those precious little yawns.
      Elle, I remember meeting your daddy.  As a super protective friend of your mommy's, I remember being a little protective and really reading into this new guy.  ;)  Hearing your mommy talk about John and how he made her laugh and gave her so much joy...I knew without a doubt that your mommy and daddy were made for each other.  God brought John into your mommy's life at just the right time and he was just the right guy for your mommy.  Your parents are absolutely and completely perfect for each other.  They always remembering to take time to laugh and enjoy life, as silly as some things may be!  ;)
      You are the perfect little addition to your family and your mommy and daddy are completely in love with you.  I remember the excitement when your mom called to tell me they were expecting you. I remember when they found out you'd be a little girl.  I remember when they decided on your name.  **How sweet that your first and middle names are family names.  I remember celebrating you at your mommy's baby shower that we had so much fun planning.  And most importantly, I remember getting a phone call from your mommy when they were headed to the hospital to have you!  We were lucky enough to be in town and loved being able to head up to the hospital to see you and your mommy and daddy!  You were completely perfect.
      Your mommy was beyond excited to have you in her arms at last.  The joy on your mommy's and daddy's faces was indescribable!
IMG_1276 IMG_1269
      Elle, your mommy and daddy are such a true testament of love and you can clearly see that in the way they treat each other...and the way they treat you.  In complete selflessness to ensure you are always taken care of, your mommy and daddy asked us to be your God-parents.  And we could not be more ecstatic to take on that role and responsibility.
     We love you and love your mommy and daddy.  We can not wait to see the things you learn and grow up to be and do.  You have a world of things to discover and learn little Elle!
Love You Little Ellie Bellie,
Chad and Carla
"Auncle Charlad"