Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Essie Magnetic Nail Polish-Winner!

One of the many awesome gifts Hillary got me for my birthday was a cool new Essie Nail Polish.   This Essie nail polish has a magnet at the top that when you hold it over your newly painted nails it is supposed to bring out a design in your nail polish!  Awesome, right?!
Well for date night last weekend I decided to go ahead and try it out while I was waiting on Hubs to get ready.  We had waited a little late to head out to dinner so my blood sugar had dropped slightly low and after I treated it, I was still a little shaky as I was mainly just hungry for dinner!  I was not the best fit for painting my nails.  So, please ignore the sloppy nail paint job and half blurred iPhone photos.  ;)
But, the directions are really quite simple.
1.  Begin when blood sugar levels are in a good range.  ;)
2.  Apply to one nail at a time.
3.  Hold magnet over nail as close as possible for 5-10 seconds (I held for about 20 seconds).
4.  Repeat for other nails.
I found that the magnet made a better design on thicker coats...but as the thicker coat dried it sort of blended together and made more of a marbled effect.  For the thinner coats, I had to hold the magnet longer to get a good design.  But it was a little more clear to what it was 'supposed' to look like.  So you could vary it based one your preference!
All in all it was very neat and I really liked the way they turned out.  And one of my firsties was so sweet but just couldn't quite figure it out "WOW!  I like your nails!  How did you get them to look like that?!"