Monday, February 4, 2013

Glucometer MIA

We planned a date night Saturday night.  
We decided to go to Roadhouse, same place we had went with my parents when they were in town the previous weekend.  When they were here it was a 45 minute wait, but we lucked out when the hostess came in and asked if anyone would mind sitting at the bar.  We'll take it!  Well, somehow there was a mix up in the seating arrangement so they told us it was their fault and they would seat us at the next available table.  We did not care at all but were excited that we were being seated within 5 minutes of being there!
We lucked out.  
And learned to never turn down a bar seat.  ;)  
Well, date night was another 45.  And no bar seats.  (We made sure to check this time)  Darn.  We waited it out and ate half our weight in peanuts while sitting there.  Finally our buzzer went off and we were going to be seated.
After we were seated we over what we wanted to order and then settled in to enjoy some rolls.  I dug in my purse to grab my glucometer to check my BS (Blood Sugar) and then program in my insulin amount.
Ahhhhh noooo.  I left it at the house.  Whoops!
After some back and forth discussion with the hubs, we decided I could order and he would run home to get it.  I felt bad Hubs going home to get my glucometer while we were on date night.  I knew my numbers were in a good range and I probably would have been fine fixing it when we got home, but Hubs likes to do it the right way and he insisted on going home.  This is not the first time my glucometer has been forgotten, but usually we just change our plans and go home instead.  Usually we haven't just waited 45 minutes to be seated.  
Good thing we don't live far!  He was gone and back within 10 minutes.  
Meanwhile, I sipped on my drink, ate my salad and texted my mom who stopped watching her TV show to entertain me through texts while I sat dateless on our date night.  ;)  He made it back in time to enjoy his salad just before the food came out.  It all worked out in the end!  
Darn you little glucometer!

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