Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Trees!

Hubs & I always have a list going on updates and things we would like to do to our house.  This past weekend we decided to work on planting some trees to give a little more shade and interest to the landscaping (and lack there of).  We've had some bad experience in the landscaping department.  
Main reason being: WATERING!!
Lack of sprinklers, and an interesting set up for water faucets poses a problem for us.  So as we were looking at trees I knew Bradford Pear trees would be in the running.  They are a favorite of mine.  But when we read that they were a low watering plant, once established, we were sold!  
We bought 2 and hubs planted them in the backyard.  I am excited to watch them grow!! :)
 IMG_3872 IMG_3881
Tye wondered, "What are y'all doing to my backyard?!"
But as long as he had a good pat on the head, he was okay with it.