Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Type 1 Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day.
At school I always think it is so wonderful to watch the children share their love with each other.  They have the cutest and most thoughtful ways to show how they care for one another.  This cheesy little Hallmark holiday sure makes for a fun (and crazy) day at school!
At home Hubs had planned for us to do something simple together for that evening.  He put a lot of thought into it and it was so sweet.  I so appreciated all the thought he put into our night together!  We called in Olive Garden to go.  (Along with the rest of the town...hahaha!)
But we did not let our short wait go to waist...
And Hubs took me to a special spot to watch the sunset and enjoy some wine and sugar-free cheesecake.  It was simple and sweet and we enjoyed being together with no technology.  :)
In my Type 1 world, I appreciated Hubs making Valentine's super special this year because it was a little bit different and there were times that it was hard.
For the longest time we would always go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner knowing there would be at least an hour wait.  We would take the light up alarm beeper to the car with us to pass a little of the time with dessert first.  Hubs always treated us to dinner while I always grabbed the box of chocolates.  And then I would make sure to take a bite out of each of the chocolates just to sample each of them...which always made hubs laugh.
Candy, desserts and sweets have not phased me that much.  They're available to me if I want to give myself insulin for it and we always have a good stock on hand just in case I have a low blood sugar and I need to treat with sugar.  I try to save sweets for special occasions and then I will bolus for it.  I didn't really feel like a box of chocolates was quite bolus-worthy and after Valentine's Day it sort of crept up on me.  As is life...we all have hard days every now and then.  And not every day will be easy.  We were not promised that while we are here.  
I know Hubs put a lot of thought into this Valentine's Day before even knowing how I felt.  I'm so thankful for such a supportive partner in life.  Love him!  And, I still love Valentine's Day!  :)