Thursday, March 28, 2013

Back in Texas

Although Hubs & I had the time of our lives out in California we were glad to be back on Texas ground.  Just something about this good ole' state and these good ole' country roads!  :)
I know someone else who was excited for us to come back too!  My niece Victoria was bound and ready to play school.  This girl is destined to be a teacher!  She. Loves. School!  :)  This time around we had to pretend as if it was picture day.  She had all the right poses.
IMG_4796 IMG_4798
Right down to this one.  Straight up perfect yearbook pose.  I can hear the photographer now...Lean your head a little to the left...okay pick up your chin...turn your eyes back towards me...Am I the only one that always felt completely awkward in those pictures??  Sheesh!
At least my niece can look completely adorable no matter how she poses.  Like even with this plant.
She totally rocked it!  Oh...and...gotta love some grandma lovin' in the background.
I love that little girl!  Can't wait to see her again.  :)

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