Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bye Bye Tree!!

Hubs & I just had a giganto tree chopped down in our backyard.
We laugh now because we were so excited to have trees in our backyard when we bought this house but this is the second tree we have had taken down.  (The previous tree was growing straight into a power line and was entirely to close to his shed.)  This tree had grown so tall and was a real pain in the neck.
IMG_3962 IMG_3965
We got zero shade from this tree and instead were left with the problems of it's limbs continually falling in neighbors' yards, and even once on the power line during an ice storm causing our power to go out.  Whoops!  Sorry neighbors.  Our side neighbor told us that the owners before us had it trimmed up the wrong way and it used to be such a beautiful tree.  Now it just has all these extra limbs and is a big giant mess!
So, we decided to get rid of it and we will plant some new ones in it's place.  It became quite the job and I think a larger job than anyone had anticipated.  2 poor guys worked on getting this tree down all.day.long.  Seriously they started at about 8:30am and did not leave until about 8pm.  It was not the prettiest of jobs as, in this tree's true fashion, several limbs fell into the neighbors house and on top of his shed.  Oh and left a giant scratch on they side of his shed and banged up several of our pickets on our fence.  Darn.  We apologized a million times and tried to offer paint, pickets, etc. to our neighbor.  Thankfully they were not upset with us at all!  He knew it was not our fault.  Whew!  But he did not envy the giant mess we had in our yard!  ;)  And neither did we...
This is what I came home to after work.  The workers had just left to drop off a load of what they had already picked up.  And, they came back to finish the rest of this.
On the other side of the yard, we had to get this tree trimmed up through the middle.  The cable cord that is running straight through our yard hangs low and is quite an eye sore.  However, the city said they could move it for us if the tree was trimmed.  It will now run from the house to the pole then to the power source.
This cord will be running right through the middle of this tree now!
What a mess!!!  I am glad it's over.  Now I'm read to start planting some more trees!!  Hubs, ya with me??  ;)

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