Tuesday, March 26, 2013

San Fran Day 3

After San Fran Day 1 & 2 Hubs and I both needed to start the day with a big cup of hotel coffee!  Love me some forehead wrinkles in this picture.
We were bound & ready to make the most of our last morning in San Francisco before we headed back on our long trek to the airport!  We looked up a couple of local hot spots for breakfast and settled on Pat's Cafe.  It definitely kept up with Mama's breakfast!! And for half the price and half the wait.  We were loving it.  But in Mama's defense...it's partly an experience in itself.
IMG_3793 IMG_4714
We were starving and couldn't quite make up our minds on the things we wanted to try so we went with 3!!  We got the French toast made on in house sourdough bread.  Delish!!
Banana pancakes.  These pancakes tasted more like a banana nut batter and had nuts mixed into it.  LOVED them but definitely different that Mama's Banana Pancakes.
And the California omelette.
When we ordered all 3 the waiter looked at us like we were crazy and just said "wow, thank you!" hahahaha.  We actually did a good job of clearing out our plates.  Guess the food was just that good!!
And since we never made it out to the Full House houses...we decided to take a picture in front of these.  They looked close enough to me!  So here ya have it...us in front of the Full House random people's houses!! :) :)
IMG_4723 IMG_4725
Worked for me!! And saved us a lot of time on a trip outside of the city to see them.  :)  We walked around the block a little and then headed back over to Fisherman's Wharf to get a few souvenirs.
IMG_4729 IMG_4737
This bird was making me laugh because I kept getting closer and closer to him and he was not scared at all.  He kept opening his mouth to make a noise along with the other birds but something was wrong with him and no noise would come out.  :/  Poor guy!  But he was loving his little photo shoot with me.  hahaha
The city view from the bay.
We were very sad to leave.
IMG_3799 IMG_3800
IMG_3801 IMG_3802
So we hopped on the Muni to the Farmer's Market one more time instead.  :)
IMG_4772 IMG_4775
We tried our first ever macaroons from this place and Hubs got a cappuccino from Blue Bottle Co.  Both were sooooo good!!
IMG_4776 IMG_4777
IMG_4779 IMG_4787
The Farmer's market was a little more active this day and outside they were selling all kinds of flowers and produce.
They had a section off to the side that had all sorts of varieties of food for lunches.  It was very crowded with local workers coming over on their lunch break.
IMG_4785 IMG_4789
This time we had to get on the Muni for reals to head back over to the Bart to take us to the airport.  It was time to head back home.
At least Hubs found his happy place.  Overlooking the runway while working...
I found my happy place too.
Bye Bye San Francisco!!!!  Next stop...The Lone Star state!  In the picture below you can see a small clip of the Golden Gate bridge at the top middle and the Bay bridge right in the middle.

 And I leave you with this...
< insert Muni joke here > 
Is this thing not hilarious???  A convertible Muni!!!


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