Friday, March 22, 2013

The City of Angels

Can I just put a plug in for Virgin of charge...IT IS AWESOME!!!  Hubs worked on his computer and I caught up on the Kardashians....IN THE AIR!  Wow.  Loved it.
We made it to Los Angeles!!!!  **Bound and ready to do every touristy thing possible!...Except break out my big camera.  Sorry but all these pictures are from the handy dandy ole' iPhone!!
...Good thing our awesome tour guides were ready for us!  They totally rock!

Spencer & April picked us up from the airport and we hung out around Venice beach for a little bit taking in all the crazy attractions.  There were so many different things going on at one time and even more different kinds of people.  It was wild but we loved it!
Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 6.09.16 PM
*Picture stolen from Spencer's Instagram.
After walking down the beach for a little while we decided to grab something to eat.  We headed to a place that a friend of mine had recommended and that Spencer & April LOVE to eat at...C & O's.
We decided on the 'gargantuan' portions and then just shared it family style.  What we were really there for was the garlic knots.  OMG melt in your mouth goodness with every bite.  Never gets old...even after your 47th piece.
C & O's is knows for singing an italian song a little later in the evening but our Texas schedules were a little off with the time change and we were eating by 530 so we didn't make it quite that long.  We left and headed to Santa Monica Pier.
We loved hanging out and watching the lights change on the ferris wheel.  But it was cooooooold!  We walked around and saw some people catching some giant crabs off of the pier.  There was a lady singing an Alicia Keys cover song.  Then we made it to the arcade and challenged each other to a little Pac*Man.  Hubs won.  (Of course...hehe!)  Then we finished it up with some Skee-Ball.  (My fave!)  We headed back to the apartment and hung out for a little before we headed to bed.
Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 6.08.53 PM
*Picture stolen from Spencer's Instagram.
We were swamped!!!  And ready for another new adventure the next day. We woke up to Spencer cooking some MEAN oatmeal pancakes.  They were delicious!!  Who knew Chef-boy-ar-Spencer was such a good cook!??
We got ready and headed out to their church.  It just so happened to be a Sunday morning where the preacher from a church here in our hometown was preaching.  Wild.  Apparently he is good friends with Spencer & April's preacher.  We had fun visiting with him.  After church we headed out to a very popular bakery spot, Porto's.  All kinds of Y*U*M.
IMG_3506 IMG_3509
So below we had the Potato Ball (far left) which was beef filled mashed potato balls fried in a lite breading.  The Shepherd's Pie was just that in a light crispy croissant.  We got these as appetizers and ate sandwiches for our meal.  In the back left is a chocolate filled croissant that Spencer & April got for dessert and on the back right is tiramisu that Hubs ate for dessert.  I sampled both and they were great!  The tiramisu won in my book!
After lunch, the boys headed out to play some basketball with church friends.  While April & I hung back at the house with Charlie and watched The Katy Perry movie and napped on and off.  I love that we had some down time and still fit in all the things we wanted to see!  After the boys got back we got around and headed out to Hollywood & Highland.  We had to get the true 'Hollywood' experience while we were here!
IMG_3512 IMG_3514
We walked a little down Hollywood Blvd to see some of the walk of fame.
Here is the Dolby Theatre (used to be Kodak Theatre) where the Oscar's and several other events are held.  We're hoping to see Spencer given an award there one day!!!
Yep, it'll happen.
A little Munchkin love!
IMG_3523 IMG_3528
This picture took some coaxin' but Hubs was a good sport.  Harrison Ford is his all time favorite actor so the picture had to be.
All of the handprints are right outside of this Chinese Theatre and here Hubs & I and my double chin are in front of it too!! :)
And this picture took no coaxin' from me.  Love me some Wizard of Oz and love me some Judy Garland because of it!!!
After Hollywood, we headed over to the Farmer's Market and Grove area.
IMG_3533 IMG_3537
It was such a neat little area with all kinds of shops to walk to.
I had no interest of buying anything, but if I did...I'm sure I could have found a few things in here.  ;)
The spices and food were so fun to look at in the Farmer's Market.
IMG_3546 IMG_3547
We sampled some natural peanut butter. Yum!
We then made our trek over to BEVERLY HILLS!!! (That's where I want to be!...Livin' in Beverly Hills...) I think that song was stuck in my head for a good hour.
We just drove we DEFINITELY had no intention to buy anything here.  ;)  And we were headed to meet some of their friends for dinner.  But we made a quick pit stop that pretty much made the top of the tourist list for Hubs & I!
Spencer took us buy Quixote which is the production studio where Criminal Minds is filmed.   I die even being that close to Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid.  We love us some Criminal Minds!!!  Spencer happened to be in the know of where this spot was since he has had a couple of jobs out here before.  *Totally Jeal!  No fair.  
After making it through some very windy and hilly mountain roads we made it to dinner!  Yahoo!  We met at The Doghaus in Pasadena to grab some fashionable...hamburgers and hot dogs??  Oh yes...take a look...Hubs' hot dog that resembled breakfast with hash browns and an egg piled on top and my Hamburger complete with caramelized mushrooms and onions complete on a hawaiian roll bun!
After dinner, we enjoyed a little fro-yo.  Although I have no idea how we found any room left in our tummies to squeeze it in.  But we did!!  We had no trouble getting to sleep that night.  E-X-HAUS-TED!!!!!  Next day we headed out to the Hollywood sign and ole' Pasadena!! And I finally dusted off the big camera...More to come... :) :)

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