Sunday, June 23, 2013

Disney World Part 2!! Hollywood Studios

On Monday, we spent our day at Hollywood Studios.
I remember loving this park when I was in high school.  
The novelty and newness of seeing the shows for the first time.  And while I still enjoyed it this time around, it was very difficult to maneuver 9 people around this park of all different ages and interests to see shows and such.
There was not a lot of air condition for many of the shows...Plus add the sun and heat all day and we were miserable!!  We got to this park around 10 that morning and there had already been a huge crowd of people let in.  We had a plan of what shows we wanted to see but did not know the scheduling of these shows until we arrived at the park.  So our plans had to change a little bit in order to work around the times.  Hubs ran and got us Fast Passes for the Toy Storia Mania ride.  We had been told this was a favorite but we didn't know anything about it.  Obviously it was a favorite because the Fast Passes for this ride were already set back to 6:30pm!  Meanwhile, we waited for Victoria to watch the Disney Jr. Live on Stage show.  
Victoria loved it.  She has grown up watching some of these Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shows.  But it was definitely geared toward young kids.  (And...grandma!  hahaha I stood by her in the back and she was singing along to all of the songs!  She's watched with Victoria too, I guess! hehe)  Throughout the show, you see different characters, sing different songs, a couple of things shoot from the ceiling (bubbles, streamers, etc.).  It really was fun for kids.  The seating was on the floor and pretty squished in order to fit all the people.  After this we headed over to Indiana Jones stunt show where we met Clint, Kristen & Hubs who were saving us seats.  They don't really allow this but we got lucky!  I remember loving the Indiana Jones stunt show...and I still did...but I didn't remember all of the loud sounds and spookiness of it!  
It was a little bit much for Victoria.  She doesn't do loud sounds well.  But we are all pretty sure it was a love/hate relationship.  She hated it, but loved to sneak a peak through her hands on her face.  ;)  We were going to head to American Idol after Indiana Jones because that is a family favorite as far as TV shows go.  But it was closed on Monday.  Boooooo!  We did find this instead.  We were happy! 
So we walked over to grab some lunch instead.  Hubs and I shared a burger that was VERY good.  Then we all headed over to make the Beauty and the Beast show.  This is definitely on the top list for me as far as this park goes.  It is a live musical of Beauty and the Beast and I just love it!  
It was getting closer to our reserved meal time (3pm) but we had a little bit of time to spare and squeeze some things in.  
We headed back to the middle of the park and watched the Disney Movie ride.  It was right inside of the 'Chinese Theatre'.  
Hubs & I were excited to see the replica that looked exactly like the one we had been to at Hollywood boulevard with Spencer & April.  They even had replica handprints out front...but they were from the characters.  Like Minnie Mouse! :)  
It went through best selling movies throughout the was nothing fantastic but an excellent time filler and even better...air conditioned!  *The Wizard of Oz movie portion was my favorite!*
We loved getting to cool off in that boat ride.  We tried to squeeze in Muppets 3D after, but there just wasn't enough time...
So we wandered around the 'city' and then headed back to lunch.  
San Francisco!  Hubs & I were excited about this since we had just been here over Spring Break too! :)
Victoria had a little bit of a play time in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground!
On our way to lunch, a meet & greet for Minnie Mouse was beginning.  The line was still short, so Jared and Angela stood in line hoping Victoria would get a chance to meet her before our lunch time.  And she did!  :)  Victoria's dream!
Today our lunch was not a character meal, but rather a meal to reserve us a seat at the Fantasmic show that night.  We ate at Hollywood & Vine and it was probably our favorite meal as far as food went!  We loved it.  Like yesterday, after lunch, we split.  Although this time, Jared and Angela took Victoria back to the resort for a much needed nap.  She was so funny talking about how she recharged her body!  Meanwhile, Mom, Dad, Clint, Kristen, Hubs and I headed toward the Backlot Tour.  On the way it was beginning to rain and we noticed that the Star Wars 3D ride was short.  So we headed in to the covered line quick to get out of the rain.  We were glad we did!  We ended up loving the ride.  It was a short one, but a good one!  And the 'spy' happened to be Kristen and they plastered her picture up on the screen.  We all laughed at the surprise.
After this ride, the rain had cleared up but the skies were still a little gray, so we continued over to the Backlot Tour.  We got in line and within 5 minutes they were having to shut it down due to possible lightning in the area.  So we waited around on some benches and 'stalked' the ride to see when it would open back up.  After a good amount of time, they finally opened it back up and we ran over there with the rest of the crowd to hop on.  It's an easy and fairly relaxing ride where you sit on a tram and they take you through to show you how they do some of the behind the scenes and special effect parts of movies.
It was about time to meet back up with Jared, Angela and Victoria at the Toy Story ride, so we headed that way and got some refreshing drinks along the way.  Clint & Kristen really wanted to ride the Tower of Terror, so Dad headed with them and we passed off their fast passes to a couple that needed them.  
The rest of us went in line for the Toy Story ride.  I ended up loving it!  You are in these little boats that spin you around and with each little section you have new targets to 'shoot'.  It was like an interactive video game boat ride! hahaha.  And our scores showed up against each other.  It was a lot of fun!
After the ride we hurried over to Muppets 3D which was something Victoria had really wanted to do.  This is a really neat 3D show and we all enjoyed it.  Then it was time to head over and get our seats for the Fantasmic show.  So we hurried over to the other side of the park where we met Clint, Kristen & Dad.  They all had a great time on Tower of Terror!! :)  The highlight of everyone's day though, was the Fantasmic show.  
It was incredible!!!  And eating at Hollywood & Vine to get our reserved seats was well worth it!  The entire show was on water with light effects, and images projected on spraying water.  They had boats that floated by with characters and other characters in the background on the 'mountain'.  It was a darker show and we were told it could be scary for some kids, but Victoria was not scared at all.  I think Indiana Jones had her more startled than this one.  We all left being very impressed with all the detail Disney puts into every little thing!  We had Extra Magic Hours, so after the show we went around to see if we could ride anything else.  Most rides were shutting down, so we went in and watched a little video on the Art of Animation.  On the way we noticed that the Disney Jr. Stage room was playing some loud music so we went to check it out. Mickey & Minnie were having a little dance off like the night before with Chip & Dale at Magic Kingdom.  Victoria was a little shy again but she did get in there and give both Mickey and Minnie hugs.  And, I think we saw a little dancing!  hehehe.  ;)
Then we came back for a little meet & greet with Prince Eric.  (Arial's prince).  Victoria was soooo funny to watch meet with him.  I have never heard her be interested in boys, ever!! But she was all giggles when he was signing her autograph book.  Then when we left, she said "He was HANDSOME!!" hahahha!  We all got a big kick out of that.  Later when we would ask her, all she would say was "I don't want to talk about it." hahaha, That girl!! Love her!
And that was all for Hollywood Studios!  We had a great time despite our exhaustion...But I think we all felt like we enjoyed Magic Kingdom better than Hollywood Studios.  ;)  

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