Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Disney World Part 3!! Epcot

Epcot is a very neat park!!  I love it.  I think it was sinking in that this was going to be the last full day at a park, as we would leave earlier the next day to head to the beach!!  So we were ready to take it allllll in!
We woke up early and got to the park as soon as it opened.
As soon as we got in, Hubs went to get Fast Passes for Soarin' while the rest of us visited with Goofy before heading to Test Track.
Clint, Kristen and Mom slept in a little that morning and we brought along there cards hoping we could still get Fast Passes for them.  Unfortunately, we couldn't since they weren't checked into the park yet.  We were about 3/4 to the end of the Test Track line when they announced that they were having technical difficulties and the wait time may be longer than we had anticipated.  DARN!  Fortunately for us, it still moved along pretty quickly.  I guess they had just shut down one of the lines.  Once you got to the end, you spent some time in a room designing your own car.  Next, you were placed in your car and you did 'tests' for what you had designed.  We were placed in one car with JA & V up front representing their designed car and Hubs, my dad and me were in the back representing our designed car. We would test through different scenarios to see which car would hold up better.  Finally, it took you around the track reaching 65 mph...all the while pretending you are 'racing' each other.  Once you got off the ride, you find out who 'won' and see your picture from the ride.  Our side of the car won!!! :)  A little further down you could go and take a picture with the car you had designed.  Hubs had just left us to go meet Clint, Kristen and Mom at the gate to give them back their cards.
Then we all met up over at Soarin'.  OMG I looooooved this ride!  It is like a 3D IMAX film of you flying over different part of the world while you are seated on a lift that shifts your chair around to make you really feel like you are flying.  To top it off, they blow wind at you and when you fly over pine trees, the room smells of pine.  It felt so real!
We went ahead and got in line for a little boat voyage.  Victoria was set on riding some boats while we were at Epcot so we thought this would be good for her! :)  It turned out to be a behind the scenes tour of ways that Disney works to protect our Earth by growing their own crops, etc.  It was pretty enjoyable and we loved hearing all of the interesting facts!  Clint, Kristen and Mom had watched a movie while we were in Soarin'.
So once the boat ride was over, they grabbed food and we watched the movie.  It was pretty good, all about recycling and protecting our Earth.  After this was over we spent a little time at Club Cool and then we were ready to head on over to the Countries part of Epcot.  At Club Cool, you can sample different Coke flavors from around the world.
IMG_5936IMG_5942IMG_5941 (1)
Dad tricked the boys into trying some nasty flavor...I forgot what it was called...and I didn't try it.  But their faces speak for the flavor!!
IMG_5943IMG_5945 (1)IMG_5948
But this girl found a flavor she loved!  Manzanita! :)

In the countries, we started off going to the right so that we could finish the circle in time for our 3pm character meal on the other side in Norway.  We spent a little time in Canada and then realized storms were headed our way so we sped up our pace a little bit.
In Canada, we found Victoria's Garden.  She got a kick out of that!
IMG_5959 (1)


We stopped for a little bit in France.
J, A & V split up from us for a little bit so that they could catch some meet & greets.  The rest of us kept on moving but made a few pit stops.  Mom & Kristen got some vodka slushies that were delicious!
Clint opted for some coffee and Hubs & I split an italian margarita from Italy...YUM!  We loved it!
IMG_5972 (1)IMG_5974 (1)
It wasn't much longer before we were getting sprinkled on so we decided to go ahead and go on to our Character Meal an hour early and just wait the rain out there.  We ended up busting out the ponchos for some rainy day fun! ;)
IMG_5980IMG_1933IMG_5979 (1)IMG_5976 (1)
We at ate Akershus in Norway for the Princess character meal.
They let us in a little early so we could get out of the rain.  Once they called our name we went to wait in a new line to get our picture taken with Belle before seated.
Since we had 9 in our party we got 3 poses/pictures.  So we took pictures of Victoria, Victoria with GMA & GPA, and all of us with Belle.
We were finally seated and we placed our drink orders.  Soon after, the princesses started coming to visit our table.
Once it settled down, we placed our orders (this was our first non-buffet character meal).  Most of us ordered the meatballs, chicken or crab cakes.  They were all delicious!  After placing our order, we could go and help our selves to the appetizer buffet.  It was enough to fill up on that alone!  Once we came back to the table, they were announcing that it was almost time for the Princess Processional.  The kids were asked to go stand by their favorite princess and then they all marched around the restaurant in a parade.  It was so cute!  Victoria rushed back to the table with embarrassment but we all know she loved every part of it!! hahaha!  And the meal was ended with a birthday cupcake for Victoria.  She made one big wish and we all wondered what that could have been!
In the middle of lunch, Hubs had gone to get Fast Passes for us to ride a boat ride next door in Norway.  It worked out that we were able to leave lunch and walk right on the ride due to our timing.  :)  It was a fun ride!  But, we saw people waiting in a 60 minute wait for the ride...and we did not think that would have been worth it!  We saw that Donald Duck was dressed up in some Mexican flair so we went to wait in line for Victoria to Meet & Greet with him.  They were next in line and they had to cancel and take it inside because of the rain.  So we followed the worker inside and waited a little while until Donald came back out.
It was a very neat location in 'Mexico' that had all sorts of fun things to look at!  Like these sombreros!! YAY!
Victoria left with her mom & dad buying her a Mexican backpack from "pretend Mexico".  haha!  We were ready to part ways and head back to the hotel.  Jared & Angela were going to linger around a little longer but they then realized that we needed to take our Chase Debit card pictures.  Before the trip, we had found out that if you sign up for a Chase Debit card you get a free 5x7 picture with the characters in Epcot.  The characters happened to be Mickey and PLUTO!!  <~~I accidentally called him Goofy and he ran and hid from me.  lol Whoops!  Jared, Angela and Mom got one so we were due for 3 pictures/poses!  We ended up taking several different pictures/poses with our own cameras and then just chose 3 to buy at the photo place.  It was well worth it and the pictures turned out great!
IMG_5996 (1)
After this, it was a little too late to head back to the hotel and we were all very tired and indecisive so we decided to go ahead and catch the monorail and head to our last character meal at Chef Mickey's @ the Contemporary that was at 9pm.  (Horrible timing, we know, but it was all that was left that worked for us when we booked them! haha)  Riding the monorail was a lot of fun.
We passed by the Grand Floridian resort and it was just beautiful!
I would love to visit that resort sometime.
IMG_5999 (1)
Once at the Contemporary, we visited some of the gift shops and the arcade.  Victoria had a good time posing us with the different hats at the gift shops.
After some playing at the Arcade, it was time to go get seated at Chef Mickey's.
I have to say, this Character meal, and the Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom were my 2 favorite meals!!!  The characters were just so funny and full of energy!
Donald Duck gave us a hard time for taking pictures and then took my camera from me and pretended to take pictures of me!  It was sooooo funny.  We remembered later that Donald Duck is usually a little 'crabby' in the cartoons so he was in full character when he came around to our table!  ;)
We loved it! The dinner ended with a birthday cupcake for Victoria.
BUT, we were also able to surprise my parents with some 'anniversary' cupcakes for them.  We know their anniversary was in May but we just wanted to make it a little special for them too after all the hard work they had put into this trip for us!  We had all had such a good time and wanted to make sure we could show them a little token of our appreciation for them! :)  We definitely surprised them.
And Victoria was definitely glad to share the excitement with her GMa and GPa!
And she quickly passed out when we left...
IMG_6011 (1)
We all have a new respect for Jared & Angela after watching them carry her after she passed out all the way back to the resort each night!!
It was better with music, but YouTube made me take that off.  ;)


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