Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Way too Long Update Post

I've got a little over a month of updates for this may take a while.  Don't be alarmed! ;)
We had headed home for a wonderful Easter with this guy...
and this sweet baby...
and this fun girl...
And back into the real world and swing of things.  I've got several instagram pictures to post from our daily life.  We finally got around to making a delicious pizza that had been a gift from Chad's cousin, Micheala.
I got my nails done with my bestie!  Later finding out that one of my co-workers had the exact same nail color.  (Even down to the silver glitter on our ring fingers!)  And totally unplanned.
IMG_4123 IMG_4426
Coffee became my best friend for getting me through those last weeks of school when my eyes were set on summer vacation!  We discovered a new, local coffee shop and loved their coffee.  :)  Oh and Sonic couldn't be left out of the mix either!  Love me some vanilla diet coke.  Yummmm...
IMG_4138 IMG_4184
As the days got warmer, more days were spent outside.  This little doll loves to play with Tye when he comes to visit!  :)
The house got a few updated details.
IMG_4180 IMG_4220
Hubs had left on his big conference he had been working towards the past year or so and bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers before he left.

But I was more excited to pick him up from the airport when he got back home!! :)
I discovered Subway salads and anytime I'm in the mood for something fresh and cooler to eat.  This hits the spot!
Hubs & I headed out to the races with my dad, brothers, and Kristen!  It was a good time.  The race was a little slow so we had a lot of downtime for silly pictures.  ;)
IMG_4360 IMG_4363 IMG_4376 IMG_4312 IMG_4332 IMG_4333 IMG_4336 IMG_4341 IMG_4351 IMG_4355 IMG_4364 IMG_4365
Hubs & I stopped by Central Market on the way home to explore and pick up a few things.  We grabbed some fruit that was so delicious and so fresh!  But my heart was really set on these sugar-free apple cinnamon muffins.  I could have eaten the whole box in one sitting.  Yum!
Hubs & I had picked up running again and loved to see the beautiful sunsets on occasion when we were out late enough.
I love spending the cool mornings and afternoons outside with this guy in the spring.  He loves it too.  *attention seeker 24/7*
Hubs & I packed up sandwiches one afternoon and headed to the lake to fish.  This was my view:
With this one right at my side the entire time.
Literally.  ;)  Poking his head through the chair for a pat on the head is his view of a good time.
IMG_4487 IMG_4488
We had some visitors!!
Hubs was catching fish like crazy so it was a really good time.  You know, fishing is only as fun as the fish you are catching.  ;)
Tye finally figured out what was going on and needed to investigate these "fish".  It was so funny because he had no interest after giving them a quick whiff!  hahaha
Tye became a little restless after being there for a while so I told Hubs maybe he would lay down in his bed if we got it out.  Well...
that was just the thing he needed.
Love my little family. <3 p="">
Dates with Hubs are the best!  Especially when you have world's most awesome waiter that loads you up with handfuls of Olive Garden mints before you leave.  Score!
IMG_4564 IMG_4567
Hubs planted a couple of new trees in the backyard, in place of the one we cut down, and we are excited to see them grow!
IMG_4581 IMG_4584
Hubs had helped out again with ACU's Springboard event this year.  This is an event where people go through several different processes of submitting a business plan, presenting their idea and being quizzed by a panel of judges.  It's an event that Hubs really loves and enjoys being able to help out and work with people behind the scenes.  This year we got to sit at the front table with the speaker and the person in charge of the event who is a good friend of Hubs.  We felt special.  ;)  We so enjoyed our time that night and the food was delicious.  It was also a fun night for dressing up!
IMG_5219 IMG_5220
We tried to get a 'family' picture with Tye before we left but he was more interested in giving 'kisses'.  Guess he thought we looked good all dressed up! ;)
IMG_4603 IMG_4606
The speaker owns a franchising company for a large children's consignment (who turned out to be cousins with some of our dear friends from Coppell!).  Also, the winner of the community division ended up being My Sister's House which is a women's consignment company.  It was the year for consignments!  I loved hearing their stories.  :)
IMG_4622 IMG_4616
I finally got a hair cut!  I needed it a little shorter for summer time and I was loving having the length cut off.  It was much needed.  :)
IMG_4634 IMG_4695
Later that week Hubs & I had the opportunity to dress up again!  One of his local spots to hold some entrepreneurial events was the Center for Contemporary for Arts.  The owner told Hubs about a fun fund-raising event they would be having.  It was James Bond/Casino themed and we decided to check out the fun!  I have to say, we had the best time!
IMG_5227 IMG_5228
Hubs & I finally pulled out our waffle maker and made some delicious waffles.  It was so easy and we were shocked we hadn't used it yet!
We headed out to the Walk for Autism at the zoo to support some friends and amazing kids from our school.  Levi made the cutest little appearance in his Konner's Krowd tshirt!
After the walk, we headed to the Pancake breakfast for the Kiwanis Club and we cleaned our plates! Yum!  The kiddos made Hubs a 'special' plate of pancakes.  :)
IMG_4687 IMG_4686
We set up an umbrella in the backyard that my parents had given us.  We looooooved the way it turned out!  Thanks so much Mom & Dad! :)
IMG_4692 IMG_4720
Hubs was loving his roses that he's been trying to keep alive in this heat!
Hubs grill finally bit the dust.  So he got a new one and was super happy with the deal he got.  Tye approved too!
IMG_4733 IMG_4735
Time spent with this little boy is always precious!
We finally did our first 5k!!!  Hubs & I have been wanting to participate in a 5K for a long time now and we were so excited that we were able to participate and support a co-worker and friend through the 5K she was hosting.  Alisa was coming into town that weekend so she joined in on the fun too!  We did not run the entire thing but did more of a run/walk.  We were still excited to accomplish our goal!
IMG_4782 IMG_4783
IMG_4786 IMG_4788
It was Cinco de Mayo weekend so we had a little fiesta with fajitas, margaritas, and margarita cupcakes!!  I was a little domestic that weekend.  (rare)  But I think I even impressed myself! ;)
IMG_4803 IMG_4806
Some of our besties came into town for ACU's graduation.  Of course Rebecca & I spent some of our time together Shopping till we Dropping!!!! ;)
Always a great time with that crew!  Chris LOVES dogs and I thought this picture of him with Tye super cheesing was perfect!  I'd say Tye loves him too.  ;)
IMG_4886 IMG_4887
School started coming to an end.  Even as excited as I was for summer I was very sad to see this class leave.  We've had our good days and bad but I watched them grow sooo much this year and loved seeing their little personalities develop.  They made me laugh daily.  Here's a little example of that from a note a child brought me one morning:
But late spring nights out on the lawn with this one...dreaming and planning our Ranger game vacations with the besties made me even more ready for summer.
Midnight Madness came and went at our school.  Once students reach 100 AR points they get to come up to the school on a Friday night for a night full of games, dancing, pizza, and a movie!  It is a blast and the kids look forward to it so much.  I always love seeing my kids there that night who have reached their goals!  Our First grade team did a station full of a book reading, 'sushi' snacks (made out of little debbies and candy!), and a quick game.  The kids loved could tell by those big smiles!
The next morning we woke up EARLY to head to East Texas and make it in time for Victoria's Dance Recital.  It was a little odd seeing a sunRISE for once.  ;)
It didn't seem to bother Tye too much though!
We got all dressed up and were ready to head out and go see Victoria!  Lucky for Hubs & I we were also getting to see his cousin Micheala on the same day.  She met us there to watch Victoria's dance.  Such a sweet spirit. :)
IMG_5025 IMG_5027
We had GOBS of flowers ready to shower her with love & support!
I can not even express my love for this little girl!  I am so proud of her and absolutely LOVE watching her grow and change through the years.  She is such a beautiful little dancer!!
After the recital all the 'kids' headed out to grab some ice cream!  Too bad it melted in about .02 seconds!!
IMG_5063 IMG_5064
Hubs & I headed back to the dance recital with Angelica & Victoria to watch some of Micheala's dances.  She was in 6 this year so we didn't have too much of a problem being able to see some of them.  ;)  Girl has got some crazy talent!!  We absolutely love getting to watch her dances.  We saw 4 of the 6 and I wish I could have snapped better photos.  We were so impressed!!  This dance was on point and she nailed it!  Love this girl and spending time with her and her family!!!
IMG_5068 IMG_5070 IMG_5073
These 2 dog cousins were so excited to see each other.  These dogs could play day in and day out if we would let them.  They love being around each other!  We don't know how we got so lucky with 2 dogs that get along soooo well but we are so glad we did.  :)
Here's a little video to sum up all of our fun...errr, craziness! ;)
So our last month has been a little crazy and the next few months will be too.  We recently took a trip to Corpus Christi with Jared, Angela & Victoria so I will be back to update with that.  But summertime has begun and who knows when I'll be back!  ;)  Happy Summer everyone!! :)


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