Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pensacola Beach ~ Family Trip!

So after our Disney trip we planned to stop at Pensacola for a couple of nights on a way back home.  It was exactly what we needed!  We were exhausted from breaking up the long drive back and having some relaxing time on the beach was perfect!  We had not been to a Florida beach before and it was incredible!  The white sand...the crystal clear water.  We loved it!
We had some fairly resourceful boys on our trip too!  Clint was the official shark watcher.
Jared built a sun-dial...
...and a mini Angelica...fully equipped with a sombrero and a cerveza.
And Hubs built Victoria a GIGANTIC sand castle!
She loved it and could've easily stayed there all day if it weren't so hot!
Other than those occupying ourselves with those things...we just enjoyed the water and the sun!
On the first night we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.  We decided to go ahead and take some family photos on the beach while we were already clean and showered before heading to eat.  We were hungry, and we forgot to account for the time to let the camera 'de-fog'.  So, we took majority of our pictures on Kristen's iPhone and then got to take the last few on the beach with the big camera.  Thank goodness for the quality of phone cameras these days!!
My favorite picture of the entire trip...
We finally headed over to dinner and we caught the trolley (free public transportation!...yea!!) over to Flounder's.
Hubs had eaten here before on a business trip he had taken and knew it was good.  We all left in agreement with him!
They had some of the yummiest drinks that all of us ladies got! dad LOVES oysters so we got a huge plate of them and I tried my first one...I was a little scared!!!  It really wasn't that bad until the slimy texture took over...Going down was the worst part!  Yuck! hahaha
I think I will leave the oysters for my dad... hahaha!  Not my fave!
The restaurant had a volleyball court and playground attached to it and the bay was on the other side.  We took advantage of a little V-Ball time.  Victoria was sooooo excited to be playing with her big aunts and uncles!! :)
The next day would be our last day at the beach so we wanted to make the most of it!  We got out there early and stayed as late as we could!  I'm not the one to usually get too far into the ocean.  The unknown kind of creeps me out!!  But, the day before I had caught a wave on the boogie board and I was set to perfect this skill! I was having too much fun to think about the creepy critters in the ocean! hahaha!
Finally it was time to come back to the hotel room and get ready for dinner.  Tonight we were going to be heading over to Peg Leg Pete's by the recommendation of the Hotel workers.  
Love these 2!  The people responsible for this awesome Disney/Beach vacation!
Snack time before heading out!  Sometimes you just feel the nead for a 'bag full of cheetos face'...
It was a fun night but we were all pretty exhausted by this point and passed out pretty early once we got back to the hotel.  After singing at the top of our lungs and dancing waiting on the trolley to take us back of course!  Next morning was rise and shine and time to hit the road to make our last trek back home.  We were not excited to leave!
IMG_6284IMG_6285 (1)
But as sad as we were...we were all tired and ready to be back in our beds.  Except for the drivers, we slept most of the way back.  The Mississippi River rest stop was pretty neat and then it was home stretch.  
I absolutely loved being able to take a vacation with my family!  It was the first time all 9 of us have travelled somewhere together and even though traveling with 9 people can have it's difficulties and we all had our own highs and lows of the trip...we had a blast overall and I love the memories we all shared together!  That Vico celebration was on of the best yet to date!  And, I can't wait until our next trip!  :)  Although I'm sure my dad would love to harvest his crops BEFORE we leave on the trip...HOLY ZUCCHINI!!
You may be wondering where was our sweet Tye-Bo during all of this??  Well he got to stay at his own luxurious dog camp for the week.  They posted pictures daily of the activities he got to participate in...and let's just say I think he had just as much fun as we did!!  Paddle boat, Golf rides, Dog Treats, Dog massages??  We really hated to leave him for so long but we would highly recommend Circle Star Pet Resort to anyone who is in the same boat as us!!
But he was definitely ready to nap in the car when we went to pick him up!!
And a little video recap of the beach fun.  Including my boogie-boarding and trying oysters!  Yuck!  ;)