Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy 5th Anniversary, Hubs!

   I remember those words "I do" so vividly.  We were young.  We were nervous.  But we knew we were ready to commit our lives to each other.  We were ready to support each other.  To lift each other up.  To argue with each make up.  To laugh with each other.  To encourage each other.  To challenge each other.  To listen to each other.  To share thoughts, ideas and dreams with each other.  To be successful together and to fail together.  To make mistakes and to learn together.  We were ready to live our lives together.  For the rest of our lives...You are my best friend!!  My stink face!  And I love and appreciate all you do.  Here's to many many more years together.
Luh You!

*The traditional 5 year anniversary gift is wood.  The modern anniversary gift is silverware.*

A few years ago, my parents were in town and my dad bought a knife set that was being promoted at SAMs.  Hubs has regretted not buying a set for himself every since and they don't normally carry it in the store.  So it has just been in the back of his mind all this time.

Well...last night, while at SAM's with some friends, the same knife promotional was going on!  We watched the infomercial guy present the knives and show us all the snazzy things they can do.  Then, we snagged that knife set up for our 'anniversary gift'.  It was so funny how excited Hubs was!  Like a kid in a candy store!  ;)
And, well, I hope he remembers all those nice things I said at the beginning of this post after he sees that I posted his imitation of the infomercial for his new knife set on my blog.  Hubs did a great job imitating the sales guy at SAM's and I just can. not. stop. laughing!

You're the best Hubs!!  I'd buy those knives!!  Thanks for always putting a smile on my face.  :)


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