Saturday, August 3, 2013

Miscellaneous from Summer 2013

Hubs and I have been quite the travelers this summer!  We've taken a few very big trips and then several small trips in between.  Here's a recap from some of our small yet memorable trips we had!  Before we left for Disney, we got to spend some time with my childhood bestie, Lauren...her husband John, and their sweet sweet baby, Elle.  (Our God-Daughter!)  Gosh I just love that little girl to death!  She is so sweet and full of so much joy and happiness.
She gets it from her mom.  ;)  We got to do a little babysitting while we were in and I think Victoria was just as excited about that as I was!  Victoria had the blankets and stuffed animals all set out and ready to play for baby Elle.
And Elle was all eyes and taking it all in the entire time!
It was nap time for sweet Elle and once she fell asleep, Victoria was not going to take her eyes off of her!  ;)  She insisted that she had slept long enough and she needed to wake back up to play.  ;)
When we got back from Disney/Beach vacation...we stopped in for a Rangers game with some of our college besties before heading back West.  Each couple got a Murphadilla (a giant quesadilla) and I swear it was the best thing I've ever eaten.   Expensive!...but worth every bit of the 26$...I think...  ;)
And we won the game!! Hooray!!!!
But mostly me and this chica spent the time chatting it up and goofing off...
Once we got home we got to spend a little time with one of our other favorite babies.  Levi!
And a dear co-worker and friend found out they are having a boy.  :)  Yay!!!
The next weekend we were headed out to Austin to spend a little bit of a 'college reunion' with some of our besties.  We were so excited to just relax and catch up at a little lake house we had rented.  
Love these girls!!! Wish we all lived closer.  But I think we vouched to making this an annual tradition. ;)
The weekend was full of games, pool time and relaxing...
Untitled Untitled
Oh and some incredible views.  
Hubs could have sat on the patio all day!
If he wasn't there he was taking on the role of Chef Chad.  And he loved every bit of it!
A little video recap (mostly of baby Elle laughing at Victoria!) hehehe  She's just the sweetest!!