Monday, June 27, 2016

Surprise 3D fun!

Chad and I have been pretty overwhelmed with Dr.'s appointments this past year.  We are very thankful but, between ultrasounds for IVF, checkups at my Endocrinologist, appointments with my OB/GYN and monitoring with a Specialist we can barely keep up!  Not to mention the time we've spent in waiting rooms.  We will take it though, we are happy to know that we are being monitored closely!

Currently, we see the specialist 2 times weekly.  Each time we go, they are monitoring their heart rate, breathing, the amniotic fluid and I'm sure several other things I'm not very aware of.  We get to watch on the ultrasound screen as they monitor each of these things and it's always fun to see how they've grown or how they're moving around.  At this stage of a twin pregnancy they've always joked with us that we get a little short-changed since the babies are so smushed, you don't typically get good pictures of their faces...or really anything.  The pictures of a healthy femur aren't exactly what you imagine hanging on your fridge.  ;)

Last Thursday at our appointment, we actually got a good shot of Maggie's face.  I made the comment "Aw!  We haven't seen her face in a while."  The ultrasound tech (who has older twin girls of her own) was not going to miss this opportunity!  She always works so hard to get a good shot of the twins.  She promptly said "Well, since y'all are my last appointment of the day, let's have a little fun!"  She pulled out the 3D sonogram (What?!  We were so excited!) and worked quickly to get good shots of their faces.

So here is Maggie being smushed by James' head...

And here is James with his foot by his head...

She even texted us a link to the images so we had them on our computers/phones.  We were so happy she took the extra effort to show us Maggie and James!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New Chapter

2 weeks ago I turned in the key to the home away from home that I've known for the past 8 years.  This next school year, I will be staying home with the twins.  I'm so thankful for the wonderful memories, challenging days, learning opportunities and relationships I was able to gain in my experience here.  We are so excited that we are fortunate enough to have this opportunity while the twins are young.  One day, I hope to return to the classroom, but for now, I'll be a teacher to M and J.

I'm convinced that my teaching career started out at the best school in town.  We are a family, a unit, a supportive staff who loves our children and puts them first.  Here are some pictures that represent what I have loved about my little home away from home...
My team.
My classroom.
The holiday celebrations.
The notes.
The friendships.
Spoiling the kiddos.
Mr. Al and his team.
The Staff.
Accelerated Reader's Moonlight Madness Celebration.
The projects.
The new outfits.
The support.
The parties.
The field trips.
End of Year celebrations.
Keeping in touch with kiddos and their parents.
My first room mom.
This future teacher.
So thankful for this second family that I've gained!
And to the future kiddos of room 106/107...may your memories be just as bright!  Once a bear, always a bear!!