Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ft. Worth Getaway "Babymoon"

"Babymoon" is a newer phrase for couples who are wanting to getaway for one last trip together before baby (err....babies) come.  Chad and I love to travel.  We knew it would be nice if we could squeeze in one more trip together.  We threw around the idea of several locations and ultimately settled on...Ft. Worth!  It was the town where we went for all of our fertility treatment, so it felt appropriate for our "Babymoon".  Plus, it wasn't too far and we loved that we could walk to all the restaurants downtown and not have to worry about a car.  We booked the Omni off of Hotwire to get a good deal.  Then we started planning our agenda!  It didn't take much because our goals were to eat and relax.  And we did just that.  :)

We drove in early Saturday and ended up meeting our college besties who (at the time) were pregnant with twins also!!
They were due 2 months ahead of us and their twin boys are now 4 weeks old and precious.  We can't wait to get all of our twins together to meet each other.  We ate breakfast at one of Chad and I's favorite stops, McKinley's Bakery and Cafe.  This place became a tradition for Chad and I during all of our travels for fertility treatment. We would always stop for something from the bakery once we got in town and waited for our appointment time.  If you're ever in the area, we highly recommend.

After breakfast, Chad and I headed to our hotel to check in.  We dropped off our luggage and went to explore the hotel.  We were so excited about the pool at this hotel.  It was a heated pool and with all the cooler May temperatures and rain we had been having, we thought it would be a nice change.  So first up on our list, was to check out the pool.  Well...when we walked out it was completely empty!!  Come to find out, someone in the condos above the hotel tossed a bucket of bottled beers over the ledge into the pool.  Some party!  The hotel was having to drain the pool and clean it.  PLLP!  Stinks for us!!!  The hotel was more than accommodating and we were very pleased with how they handled the situation.

So with no pool, we decided to walk downtown to enjoy lunch, watch the fountains on the square and explore the Ft. Worth Water Gardens.
We came back to the hotel and noticed that the lounge area outside of the pool was open so we sat outside to enjoy the sun.
Looking up at where someone dropped the bucket!
After a little bit, we went back to change and get ready for dinner.  We splurged on a fancy dinner at Del Frisco's Steakhouse and it was so worth it.  We even had some leftovers to bring back. We sat at a little table on the balcony that was over the valet parking.  We had the best time watching all the fancy cars that valet parked.
Hubs is one happy guy with his steak!
All of the walking had me pooped!  So we went to bed pretty quickly after getting back to the hotel.
The next morning, we woke up to go and get breakfast. We ate at Yolk and loved it!
After breakfast, we got coffee and walked around the square one last time.
By this point, we were ready to go ahead and get on the road and get back.  But we had to make one last stop for dessert to bring home...
And our traditional sad face, vacation is over picture...
It was a short and sweet trip.  Not everything went as planned.  But we were so glad we got away while we could.  I can't imagine doing all of the walking now at 32 weeks pregnant and I know our vacations will look very different in the future!