Friday, June 3, 2016

Gender Reveal Party!

Chad and I knew we wanted to celebrate with some sort of gender reveal party with family.  However, Chad wanted us to find out together at the sonogram and then we would just keep it a secret until the party.  We would know and share that together, and we could watch the reactions of our family.  (This was before we realized that due to scheduling/traveling it would be a month before we were able to let the cat out of that bag.  HA!)

Chad and I went into the specialist on February 11th for a routine sonogram to check on the growth of the twins and a few other things.  We knew there was a possibility that at 15 weeks along we may be able to find out the genders of the twins if they cooperated.  So, the ultrasound tech asked us if we'd like to find out the genders and of course we said yes!  Twin B (James) was up first and was very cooperative and obvious.  Twin A (Maggie) was not as cooperative.  We were told she was 90% sure but we'd check again at the next appointment.  So home we went with our little secret!  We had 2 more appointments before our Gender Reveal that confirmed Twin A was, in fact, a girl.

We wanted something simple and enjoyable for adults and children and decided on an Ice Cream Sundae Gender Reveal.  My MIL, Alisa, had volunteered to host at her house.  She enlisted the help of one of my best friends, Lauren and they went all out on the decorations.  The house was so cute all decorated in pink and blue!  One of my other best friends, Hillary helped me to create invitations to text family.  And mom and dad helped buy some of the food we could not transport!  We are so thankful for the outpouring of love on these babies already.  They've got quite the crew that is ready to hold them and love them.  :)
Due to traveling, we had some family that couldn't attend so Chad set up a live video streaming so that they could watch!  There were some technical difficulties and it took some time to get streaming and it was quite delayed, but it worked!
Our video:
Thank you to everyone who traveled long and short to come and celebrate with us!  The weather had been yucky the week before and there were so many chances of rain.  And thank you for standing in the standing water in the grass so we could get this awesome group pic!  ;)  We love y'all!