Monday, June 6, 2016

It's All in a Name...

After Chad and I found out we were having boy/girl twins, our next step was to choose names.  It was important to both of us to use strong family names of those who have influenced us somehow.  We went back and forth and round and round as we sorted through first and middle name combinations and how they flowed with the other twin.

"James Carl Hutchins"

James comes from Chad's paternal grandfather.  If ever I've heard Chad refer to someone who meant a lot in his life, it has always been his grandfather.  Chad has a love for airplanes now and I know this stems from his grandfather who, before computers, would draw the specs and designs for military airplanes.  Chad remembers his grandfather getting on the floor and playing with them.  He's fond of the sleepovers at his grandparents house where he was an 'A' class snoring machine who loved to go get donuts with the kiddos in the mornings.  His grandkids meant the world to him and Chad cherishes that.  Even though I never met Chad's grandfather, I feel like I did because of all of the memories he embraces from him.

Carl-'Strong Man' or 'Free Man'
Carl comes from my Father.  I was named after my dad and I wrote about him 6 years ago on Father's Day, here.  To recap, My dad is a go with the flow kind of guy, accepting of anyone.  He does not get easily upset and knows how to enjoy life.  He's a quiet leader who will help in a way that doesn't have to be acknowledged.  He's always there for whoever may need it, the last to sleep and the first to rise.    

"Margaret Rae Hutchins"

Margaret comes from my maternal grandmother.  This was a woman who lived life to her fullest.  Family was of upmost importance to her.  She would strike up a conversation with any stranger and by the end of it, they knew all of our family members and just what made each of us special.  This woman knew how to laugh and have a good time...and also how to put up with us crazy grandkids.  She gave her all in putting others before herself.  She was an incredibly hard worker, lover of homemade gifts, believer in all superstitions and an expert at 'Garage-Sales.'

Rae comes from a family name.  Rae is my middle name.  It is my great-grandmother's first name.  My niece now shares it as her middle name.  It has been a name that has always stuck.  Many times my middle name would come right along with my first name, going by "Carla Rae".  I always knew I wanted to use Rae in a girl's name to share that family connection.


  1. Love this background info. And they way you chose the babies names!!