Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Showered with Love

These twins do not have the slightest idea of how much love is out there for them already.  Our family shower was over 3 weeks ago but I do not want to forget it.

*We were overwhelmed with the thought and detail that went into planning by our wonderful hostesses.*  

*We were so excited to see some of our closest family and friends who have supported us and prayed for us through this entire journey.*  

*We were honored that family would drive 6-7 hours to spend the weekend in our town to celebrate the life of M and J.*  

Our dear friends in town knew we had a full house of family staying with us so they insisted on hosting dinner Friday night once everyone got into town so that we didn't have to worry about cleaning the house.  They were so sweet to open their house and host our family with a wonderful taco meal!  This is also everyone who pitched in to help out with the shower.  Thank you!!!
It was so fun to watch our house transform into all things baby.
The pictures are of Chad and I as babies and beyond.  Plus outfits that we used to wear when we were little.  
My mom and MIL worked so hard on the food spread and it was not only beautiful, but also delicious!  They came up on Thursday and helped to arrange furniture, get food, have me prop up my feet and so much more!!

My mom found these little cupcake toppers and aren't they adorable??
Lauren is my childhood best friend (basically sister!!) and she was the brains behind the whole theme/colors.  She made the beautiful diaper cakes, banners, wooden blocks, a guessing game and so much more!  The decorations came together because of this girl!!  She was my personal stylist and helped to rearrange furniture and bring everything together.  
Hillary is my best friend from work who is now like family.  She was so sweet to host dinner for our family, pick up balloons, make paper stars, offer moral support and help clean!
Angelica is my SIL and she has now been in my life longer than she hasn't.  She's my partner in crime and took all of the amazing maternity pictures for us and all the pictures of the shower so we could enjoy them for years to come!
Here are a few details around the house...
We tried to get a picture with all of our guests before they left.
Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 9.30.14 AM
One of my favorite guests were several past 1st grade students.  These are some of my favorite girls and I love that their mom's and I still keep in touch.  
The winner of our guess the size of the belly game was Chandra!!  I think she had a lead on everyone because she has her own little bun in the oven to help her measure.  ;)
And the winner of the guess how many peas are inside of the bottle was Victoria!! :)  
Isn't my little gift helper the cutest?
These quilts were a beautiful labor of love by Tonia.  She is an amazing quilter and if you are in need, she's your woman.  I mean, look at these!
These ladies are amazing and we are so thankful for their hard work to honor M and J.  They made everything beautiful and we absolutely loved it.  
So we took a little time to honor them with their favorite drinks and a NAP.  haha!
The last thing we did to end our weekend was head out to Betty Rose's to enjoy some BBQ and family time before everyone had to leave out of town.
What a great weekend with some of our very favorites!  


  1. Everything looked so amazing and like a fabulous weekend! Wish we could have been there to celebrate and honor them!

    1. You were there in spirit with those sweet new baby boys Rebecca!!! Definitely missed but definitely exactly where you need to be!! :) Love you!!!!